Girls Day 2014 at the Science Center

Students of the Straubinger Ursuline High School make day internship

Einstein and Newton knows everyone, from da Vinci and Archimedes you have at least heard in school times. But who is Ada Lovelace? Or Sophie Germain? Apart from times of the few exceptions, such as Marie Curie, women in science and research appear to have hardly played a role, or their names were simply displaced by the male counterparts. But in recent years, the number of female scientists has increased significantly in leading positions at universities. To be a woman is more than just the old-fashioned "children, kitchen, church".

10 students of ninth class of Ursuline High School completed as part of the "Girls' Day 2014" a laboratory internship at the Science Centre Straubing. Having fun, experimentation and very many opportunities to try out the young ladies were allowed under the guidance of Dr. Corinna Urmann from the Department of Organic and Analytical Chemistry at chromatography, synthesis and adsorption try. "The initial fear was quickly dispelled. They could and should all attempts to try themselves, "says Urmann proud of" their "young scientists.

So without "kitchen" was it but then not. Because a DNA extract from a bulb, it must first be peeled. At the latest since the prescribed in the laboratories goggles made ​​himself finally paid. It flowed less onion tears than nuts. Broder Rühmann and Barbara Beer from the Department of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources at the Technical University of Munich were impressed by the promising young scientists "all in white": "In order to promote optimal youth in the field of science, it must itself be enthusiastic about the subject. And we hope we have succeeded. "